Desecrate Promotions was created in January of 2011 by Erik Labossiere.

The whole concept driving Desecrate Promotions was that Central Canada has so much to offer the world of music with such great bands and a great community/scene, but it's relatively unknown to the rest of the world.
We plan to change that.

(Desecrate Scripture; Nachtterror; Wikk, Infernal)

A musician, photographer and, Videographer from Regina, Saskatchewan, Erik Labossiere has spent the better part of his life involved in the Central Canadian Metal Scene. Performing in bands such as Nachtterror and Desecrate Scripture, as well as a solo project, Erik has travelled across Canada performing and networking. With a simple goal in mind "to bring Central Canadian musicians the attention thet deserve" Erik founded Desecrate Promotions in January 2011.
    "I've seen some bands in empty venues that have intensity, atmosphere and drive that rivals some of the top bands worldwide and no one knows who they are. This is a travesty. Seemingly now, more then ever, Central Canada is putting out some of the most unique, and powerful music I've ever heard, so if there's anytime to show the world what we "prairie folk" have to offer, its now."

(Nachtterror; None Shall Sleep Tonight)

Cat Absinthe has been a witness to the various music scenes in the prairie provinces for over a decade, and loves the eclectic and eccentric tastes that the prairies winds blow in. With her charismatic attitude, easy-going nature and willingness to try anything new, she was a ready fit to join Desecrate Promotions on its journey of musical exposure. A member in a blackened/doom metal group, hip hop unit and folk rock group, she is a firm believer in open minded music and is sure to bring a variety of hijinks and experiences to the table.
    "I love the opportunity to work with fellow band members and fans, you truly don't know what you have until it's gone. Knowing what we have in the prairies is enough of an encouragement to ensure EVERYONE knows what we have BEFORE it's gone. Desecrate Promotions is capturing the music, one morsel at a time.

(The 7 Deadly Sins (go-go troupe), Vendetta Sin's Lucid Designs

Photographer, go-go dancer/ variety performer, artist & hair stylist extraordinaire- Vendetta doesn't limit herself to any one form of art; instead she prefers to test the waters in all areas... usually all at once. Born and raised on the prairies in the middle of nowhere, Vendetta always went against the grain. Exploring the local punk & ska scenes she made her way into the world of metal bouncing around western Canada but eventually moving to Regina in 2007. By 2010 she built a team of wicked prop manipulators/dancers aptly named The 7 Deadly Sins who have been touring and bringing general chaos and mayhem (of only the best kind) to dance floors all over the prairies; astounding everyone with hula hoops, props, fans, wands and anything else they can get their hands on. Vendetta doesn't let anything come between her and her love of music. She will do everything in her power to keep ALL of our prairies music scenes alive.
    "Having such a vibrant and varied music scene in Regina is a gift we often take for granted, I hope I can inspire people to come out and enjoy the stellar local shows being offered. Too often people don't hear about these epic bands- my aim is to change that by giving bands some wicked promo pictures to promote themselves with!"