ALTARS OF GRIEF - "The Plague That Haunts The Darkness" (Music Video)

ALTARS OF GRIEF - "Only Our Scars" (Music Video)

WILT - "Empyrean" (Live Video)

NACHTTERROR - "To Beckon The Weak" (Live Video)

Official Music Videos filmed, produced or created in full or part by Desecrate Promotions and/or Erik Labossiere

Desecrate Discoveries is an in depth video series which contains exclusive interviews with some of Central Canada's best known, and least known bands. Focusing on the history, influences, and motivations of those being interviewed, Desecrate Discoveries offers a look inside the mind of the artist to really help viewers understand the internal workings of these musicians.

Whether your an old scene fan wondering whats new in the local scene, a new fan wanting to discover the bands you could be checking out, or simply someone who isn't from Central Canada and curious about the music here, Desolate Radio is made for you! What's better then an hour of great metal? How about an hour of exclusively independent Canadian metal featuring new and upcoming bands, as well as classic bands from the old days that only you and some of your friends remember! Check out Desolate Radio for your dose of Canadian Underground Metal.

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