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1 Van.
The Van Full of Hate Tour.

In the summer of 2010 DESECRATE SCRIPTURE and CELESTIAL MACHINE ventured across Western Canada on, respectively, their first tours West. This was not only a first for the bands, but this was the beginning of Desecrate Promotions before the real organization (taking place in January 2011) really took place. Founder Erik Labossiere wanted to give an introspective look at the experience of touring across Western Canada. The editing is choppy, the audio less then ideal, and the filler less then entertaining at points but this series was truly the groundwork of what Desecrate Promotions would eventually become.

Episode Listings:
Episode 1: Prince Albert, SK
Episode 2: Saskatoon, SK
Episode 3: Winnipeg, MB
Episode 4: Regina, SK
Episode 5: Edmonton
Episode 6: Calgary
Episode 7: Prince George, BC
Episode 8: Williams Lake (Part 1)
Episode 8.5: Williams Lake (Part 2)
Episode 9: Kamloops, BC
Episode 10: Victoria, BC
Episode 10.5: Victoria, BC (Part 2)
Episode 11: Vancouver