August 8th, 2013

Bringing the noise all the way from the pristine waters of Calgary is Breathe Knives. Touring in support of their Hellen Keller 7" Breathe Knives will pack the grind deep into the floors of the club. 

Saskatoon veterans Adolyne are long overdue to return to a Regina stage. Coming right off of time in the studio working on a brand new album, these boys are as fresh, tight, and alluring as any teen pop star you can hope for. 

New kids on the block always find a way onto our shows and this one is no different. Dystopian Wasteland makes uo for in talent what they lack in experience and they are gaining that experience faster than a run away donkey cart. 

The Zombie Sex Cult is alive. 
The Zombie Sex Cult is coming 
The Zombie Sex Cult is eternal 
The Zombie Sex Cult is angry 
The Zombie Sex Cult is touchy and rapey 

All ages 
Doors at 8

 August 15, 2013

Desecrate Promotions presents:

WARSENAL (Montreal, QC)
TROLLBAND (Western Canada)

2431 8th Ave (Club side)
$8 in Advance
$10 @ The Door
Show starts at 8:30pm

Prepare for your weekend with an eclectic lineup of great touring acts, each bringing a completely different genre to The Club!

WARSENAL (Old School Thrash)

Montreal's WARSENAL are bringing their oldschool (and I mean real, raw old school) thrash sound across Canada and making a stop in Regina! These guys bring a sound straight out of the 1980s thrash scene, so whether your a young fan, or a seasoned musical veteran, there is a LOT to appreciate from this Eastern three piece!

TROLLBAND (Blackened Folk Metal)

With members spanning the distance between Vancouver and Edmonton, there is a vast array of experience in this Black/Folk fused project. Revered as Canada's answer to Finntroll (and supporting them on many occasions live) TROLLBAND brings a heavy, dark sound to their folk structure. For fans of everything spanning from Finntroll to Enslaved, these guys are something Regina will love!

Korperlose Stimme (Blackened Death Metal)

On paper, KORPERLOSE STIMME is a unique creature unto its own. Drawing from the paranormal for inspiration, with lyrics written exclusively in German, this band is taking their completely unique style on the road across Canada. Their name means "disembodied voice" but this female fronted band will be anything but this band will be anything but disengaged when they bring their sound to The Club!

SEVERED LEGION (Death/Thrash Metal)

One of Regina's best local efforts, SEVERED LEGION is known for an intense live sound accented by violent solos, crushing riffage and the guttural belle of poise of one of Regina's most talent female vocalist Jolene McLean!

There are a lot of great shows lined up this Summer! Make sure you're getting your fill and supporting these great touring acts. You're $10 is their opportunity to get to the next town!

August 30th, 2013

Desecrate Promotions presents:
Begrime Exemious (Edmonton, AB)
Dire Omen (Edmonton, AB)
Ides of Winter (Edmonton, AB)
Autaric (Saskatoon, SK)
Desecrate Scripture (Regina, SK)

@ The Club (2431 8th Ave)
$10 in advance
$15 at the door
Doors at 7:30pm

As the Summer ends...the darkness returns. 
Desecrate Promotions proudly presents a night of pure fucking evil!
Featuring a cross section of blackened arts ranging from symphonic black power to scummy crust-punk to abyssmal doom and everything in between! Three of Edmonton's best blackened acts hit Regina for the final Friday of Summer to bring you the darkest and heaviest show of the year!
Regardless your metal preference, the sheer intensity of these acts live is worth more than the price of admission!

BEGRIME EXEMIOUS (Black/Death/Crust)
For fans of: Carcass, Autopsy, and Mayhem

Begrime Exemious formed in Edmonton, Canada in late 2005 with the intent of forging raging black/death metal. After executing demo recordings and performing their high energy live shows, the band signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of their debut LP, "Impending Funeral of Man". 2012 sees the band's second album, "Visions of the Scourge", along with an extensive tour of western Canada. Combining their black/death metal influences with a DIY crust punk attitude, Begrime Exemious have honed in on their signature sound as they continue to spread their filth across the world.

DIRE OMEN (Thelemic Black/Death")
For fans of: Incantation, Portal, Arkhon Infaustus

Another heavy hitter from Edmonton DIRE OMEN is quickly rising to be one of the best known Blackened Death acts in Canada. Heavy edged and precise, Dire's fast and aggressive punchy riffs and towering vocals create a melodic but intense atmosphere reminiscent of Vader and other earlier European death metal acts, Dire Omen is a beast of sound best appreciated live.

IDES OF WINTER (Symphonic Black Metal)
For Fans of: Dimmy Borgir, Immortal, Old Man's Child

Edmonton, Canada. May of MMXI. During a particularly horrendous spring thaw, IDES of WINTER emerged from the smoldering embers of several local metal bands that were not quite ready for entertainment careers. A new collaboration was formed with dedicated members each harboring the drive to write, record, and play the shit out of every single live performance. Although together for only a short while, IDES of WINTER went straight to work melding styles as well as writing songs which clicked right away. Armed with experience and a common goal, IDES of WINTER are prepared to meet any condition thrown at them, and eager to entertain the frostbitten hordes.

AUTARIC (Blackened Death)
For Fans of:Absu, Panzerchrist, Entombed

The music of Autaric has been described as blistering, raw, uncompromising, smashing your face in with a sledgehammer of brutality. Relentless Blackened Death Metal unique to the prairie scene. 
Saskatchewan's best extreme metal act returns again bringing brand new devistating tracks and the live intensity they have become known for.

For Fans of: Celtic Frost, Emperor, Carpathian Forest

Ever evolving Saskatchewan Blackened Doom act Desecrate Scripture has taken their melodic blackened doom sound to new grounds in recent month. Taking inspiration from a darker, more raw sound, Desecrate has entered a new soundscape of slow, crushing doom and fast, violent black. In process of two new album (One composed of Doom track and one of Black) they offer an almost entirely new setlist as well as an evolved atmosphere creating a truly unique blackened experience.

Past Events: 
June 5th, 2013        - Desecrate Scripture, Autaric, XUL
June 13th, 2013      - Noire, Dystopian Wasteland
July 27th, 2013       - Oblivion's Eye, Naraka, Iron Kingdom, Itchy Stitches