"Ten-thousand unspoken tongues - greatest horror, greatest bliss!
 An orgy of chaos and swirling blackness!
 The great eye, the great maw - seeks and yearns to bring us back.
 Searching, ascending, seeking the unnameable veil!"
                                                                                  -"Hic Svnt Dracones" 

In music, you will come across many bands with similar sounds. Similar influences resulting in mirrored styles and replicated patterns. Many bands intentionally do this for the sake of success. Within this world of repetition and synonymity there are bands that are quite the opposite.
As we've seen with acts such as Celestial Machine Central Canada is not barren of these Unique Enigmas.
Antania is one of these.
Fusing raw, agressive black metal with world music influences creating an almost tribal mood within the grim atmosphere. With both powerful music, and engaging live preformance, this band is creating something truly unique.
1. How did Antania start?
Nicholas Andras: Antania began in the summer of 2008, when the two Nick’s of the band got together with the intention of creating some metal with the use of some additional world instruments; namely doumbek, djembe, shakuhachi, and yes - rainstick. 
2. How would you describe Antania's sound?
Nagaarasha: I'm not sure we’ve honed a singular sound or formula of our own, but our older material has a very different sound to the trilogy and some of the stuff we're currently writing sounds very different to that. However we have a decidedly sinister sound. We are the soundtrack to nightmares. Essentially, we’re putting forth our own blend of black/death/doom metal nuance.
3. What are some of the influences?
Nagaarasha: We draw our inspiration from any and all of the legions of metal bands that we've been exposed to in the last decade of our young lives. Mostly Black metal and doom bands are heavy influences, some melodic death metal as well as many varieties of world music. Of course we are also influenced by all the great musicians around us in the Saskatchewan metal community as well, and we look forward to rejoining you all on stage to shatter bones.
4. You seem to employ a lot of different elements into your sound, including instruments and musical styles not often fused with black metal. What inspired you to do this?
Nicholas Andras: Although the world instruments haven’t had much of a dominant presence in our music, most of us have shared this as a common interest which we’ve had since this band came together in 2008. We grew up immersed in many different styles of music. An example of how this interest carried over into our music can be found in "Fall of the Blood Lotus" (from The Black Scrolls EP) - inspired by a Japanese folk song... so naturally we adapted the old melody to the shakuhachi and went ahead to make another monster addition to our grotesque repertoire.
5. Is Antania currently in process of recording?
Nicholas Andras: This is our next order of business, yes. We’re getting our recording equipment together, and planning to spend whatever amount of time and energy that it will take to produce a great record. We would like to continue to develop our own skills as recording artists and engineers, so there’s a lot of unexplored pathways ahead of us!
6. What is your music about, lyrically speaking?
 Nagaarasha: Lyrically our concepts differ from song to song but with the band’s overall theme being conflict. "Antania" is historically personified as the nemesis of humankind and we felt that this isn't necessarily negative, as an adversary or goal to struggle against, but rather as a symbol of transcendence of our current states of tension and oblivion. Antania is just another challenge, for us. Everything is about conflict, be it with other people, with gods and religion, or the struggles to overcome the turmoil in ones own soul. That being said, every song is a story. Some stories are too big for one song, such as what we explored with the trilogy (our upcoming album: Hic Svnt Dracones). The trilogy explores conflict in a number of ways, personal conflict with ones own understanding, conflict with an oppressive world, conflict with god and most importantly at the end of the story the conflict of an eternal all encompassing chaos.
7. Any plans on touring?
Nicholas Andras: Not at the moment, no. Most of us are full-time students and just trying to grind our way through the sciences and humanities while we’ve still got the brain cells to do so.. We had a great time playing in Prince Albert last summer, and would love to perform in other parts of Saskatchewan, as well as our neighbouring provinces, if the opportunity presents itself at an agreeable time. We’d love to hear from fellow musicians and fans of music, if they have any suggestions for us! For now, we’d like to invite your readers to visit our myspace page:
In the meantime... LOCK THE FUCKING HORNS!!!
Be sure to check out Antania next time tehy hit the stage (You can guarantee it will be posted here on Desecrate Promotions) and engulf yourself in a concert experience you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.