"Hailing from the mountain peak,
he brings out the majic upon the land,
Burning skies and empires falling,
by the will of his hand"
                                  -"The Majicians Apprentice" from their upcoming debut EP
Hailing from the ever growing Saskatchewan Metal Scene Thrakken combines Agressive and energetic thrash metal with a viking twist. Steve Cuddington, Jordan Schenner, and Chance Prestie, Wally Olmstead and Autaric's Franko Hopkins bring forth a new sound to Saskatoon. Desecrate Promotions asked vocalist Wally Olmstead how it all got started.
1. How did Thrakken start?
It happened on a cold Winters morning, Odin had sent out the God of Thrashing Brutality to capture the mighty Krakken and Bring him back over the Rainbow bridge to Asgard......on the the trip back the Krakken broke free and jumped off the brige down to hell, The God of Thrashing Brutality would have rather died then come back to Odin empty handed, So he let out a mighty Battle cry and lunged himself into the Krakken itself, fusing themselves together, Creating, THE THRAKKEN! 
But seriously.....it started when our Drummer, Steve Cuddington; and both Guitar players, Jordan Schenner and Chance Prestie moved in together. They started jamming and getting a sound they liked down.....then the writing began. They then asked Franko Hopkins to join on the bass, and Wally Olmsted to join on vocs. Chance knew Franko for years and were bands mates before in a previous Project. Wally had known Franko and Chance for a few years at that point, and it all just fell into place. 
2. How would you describe Thrakken's sound?
From the start we wanted Thrakken to stand out from whats in the scene right now. With all of us loving old thrash such as Megadeth, Slayer or early Metallica, and also loving the death metal of more recent years. We only found it suiting to combine the two and make a
Thrash-Death style sound. 
3. what are some of the influences?
Some of our influences would have to consist of, Skeletonwitch, 3 Inches of Blood, Amon Amarth.....Along with various other Thrash, or Death metal bands. We all have our particualar styles we have passion for and we all bring these elements to the table and what comes out is what you know as Thrakken.
4. Thrakken is currently recording their debut album, tell me a little bit 
about this release?
This cd will be a 4 song EP......It will be composed of the songs we have managed to come up with since we started jamming together last January. After many failed attempts of recording us ourselves, and then hearing the Celestial Machine recordings, We asked Jake Lewis, of Celestial Machine to do the recording for this. We are very pleased with his work and and very excited to get it out there!
5. What is your music about, lyrically speaking?
If i could sum it up in four categories......Hatred, for ignorance in particular.....Death.....Norse Mythology....and mid-evil fantasy 
6. What are Thrakkens's plans for the future?
We plan on having a cd release show sometime this summer, so be sure to watch out for that! Other then that, we would like to start branching out of Saskatoon for shows, Regina is somewhere we still havnt had the pleasure to play at yet, and even out of province, we would love to get the opportunity
7. Any plans on touring?
Nothing planned yet, We are going to get some more songs down and possibly try for a western canada tour summer of 2012
So make sure you watch for Thrakkens debut EP, as well as these Norse inspired thrashers to assault a venue near you.
To hear a "The Majicians Apprentice" check out their Myspace at: