One of the newest bands in the Saskatchewan metal scene, Druidus has been making a name for themselves in Prince Albert. Utilizing the agressing drumming abilities of Cody Futerko and the intense vocal presence of Cameron Slippery this grim group aims to take Saskatchewan by storm. They may be young and fresh to the scene, but their dedication and passion for Black/Death metal outshines any doubt about their talent or creativity.
1. How did Druidus start?
Cody Futerko: Well, it all began in the fall of '09. Guitarists Steve, Anthony and myself yearned for the creation of our own blackened/death due to the increase in the Saskatchewan Metal scene and the decline in the scene of PA. 
We jammed in Tony's garage up until Feb '10 - I hadn't personally owned a kit in over 6 years up until that point, once I bought myself a kit we began jamming regularly at Nekrolust studios; my basement (hahah). We remained vocalist-less for some time, initially our front-man (who is also now one of Desecrate Scripture's vocalists) was going to be Justin Ehman. We never really got around to jamming with him, and at that point he was still a part of the early stages of Celestial Machine. Luckily, ex-Symbiote vocalist Cameron Slippery had made the move back to PA from Saskatoon and from there we invited him as our frontman. We remained as a bass-less quad power group up 'til roughly November '10, where we adopted ex-Forced Abortion guitarist Alex Paskiw as our bassist, which leaves us at the present day.
2. How would you describe Druidus's sound?
Futerko: Our sound is primarily defined by Blackened/Death. Each of our members share a great passion for this style of music. However, we each also have broad musical horizons, in which we will be implementing them to expand what we sound like. Keep in mind, we will still be black/death and blast-ridden, but I'll leave it at that. You'll just have to stay tuned or come to our shows to find out yourself!
3. What are some of the influences of the band?
Futerko: Again, Blackened/death mainly. Zyklon, Immolation, Dissection, Impiety, Aura Noir, Woods of Ypres.
4. Are you currently working on any recordings?
Futerko: Currently - no. We plan to record a 4 song EP in late March, through early April to give away for free for our listeners benefit while on tour! Once we get home from tour we plan to begin recording our first full-length sometime in May, so keep your eyes open for updates about that!
5. This summer you will be feature along with Desecrate Scripture on the "Blastbeats for Satan" tour. How are you feeling about this tour?
Futerko: I can't explain enough how extremely pumped I am for this tour! As is everybody else! It'll be our first journey - as a band - for doing shows outside of Sask. It'll be great sharing stage with the dudes from Desecrate Scripture, it shall be uber amounts of fun, indeed! 
However, there will be a line-up change solely for this tour. Sadly, our Guitarist Steve Postle will be in Greece at the time of tour, so Alex will be jumping on guitar duties and Mike from Desecrate Scripture will be holding the bass position for us. 
6. Any shows coming up before you leave for the Weat coast?
Futerko: Right now all we have booked is a show here in PA on March 25th. With local bands Laceration, Crypt; Wrathed and Desecrate Scripture to accompany as well from Saskatoon/Regina. Before heading west - still part of the tour, mind you - We have shows in Regina(April22@TheClub) Winnipeg(April 23rd@TheDeathTrap) and Saskatoon(April 24th@Walkers) 
So make sure you check out Druidus either In Prince Albert March 25th for the major show taking place that night, or check them out with Desecrate Scripture on the "Blastbeats for Satan Tour" Starting April 22nd in Regina. Check out the official event page for more information.
Check out some jam footage by this grim group.
Check out the official "Blastbeats for Satan Tour" Facebook page!