"A humble old man stands by a window.
 He holds his hand out  To bring me into,
 A time I won't like,
 And nothing I can do..."
                                  "Owld Man" of Stagmata
Easily one of the most eclectic and unique bands in Saskatchewan today, Celestial Machine draw on a wide variety of influences when crafting their post-metal sound. The band consists of members of the now disbanded death metal band Symbiote, as well as, members of currently active bands Desecrate Scripture, Autaric, and Antania verifying that this bands influences are drawn from all over. This all comes to a head this April as Celestial Machine prepares for their debut full length album "Stagmata" being independently released by these post-metal maestro's.
1. How did Celestial Machine start?
Darius Simonot: Well, from what I know, Kris and his brother Justin were trying to get a project together, and Kris had a lot of neat riffs. Definately stuff none of us had played around with before. So those two started jamming with Jake, with Mike trying out the drums. I heard about it a couple weeks later, and truth be told, I WAS a little choked to be kept in the dark, although I can understand why, since I would have asked to play drums, and that spot was taken. But I felt like I had to be involved in what seemed to be a really cool project, so I started playing synth in the band. Members shuffled a little, and a month or so later, we got Harley to start singing, and the lineup stayed the same until recently. 
2. How would you describe Celestial Machine's sound?
Darius Simonot: Post-metal.
Jake Lewis: Celestial machines sound is in my opinion is slow but really heavy tones as well as some spacey clean parts.
3. What are some of the influences of Celestial?
Darius Simonot: Well I think the key is that we all bring alot of different influences to the table, and craft a unique sound out of that. But I'd safely say some big influences to many of us are Isis, Neurosis, Baroness, Russian Circles, and other bands along those lines.
4. What was the writing process for this album?
Darius Simonot: Definately an 'organic' style. Random contributions of riffs, building off each other in whatever way seems natural. Some of the songs were heavily reworked from their original skeleton structures to where they are now, based on jamming, and what felt and sounded right. So the songs were written based on feel. Some took months - The opening track Leave Me took 15 minutes of jamming to write!
Jake Lewis: For the most part on the this album i came up with the basic stucture for the songs except for gear in the machine which was mostly written by kris ehman and he wrote most of his own part to go over top of the stuff i had written some solos and shit like that.
5. What is the album about, lyrically speaking?
Darius: I'll defer this question to Harley, haha
Harley K: The lyrical content of Stagmata ranges from tales of the eternal struggle between man and beast to the highs and lows found when people are shown the hidden face of humanity and the depravity that surfaces as you are forced to deal with that dark side.
6. When will it be released?
Darius Simonot: April 21st in Stoon at the Fez, and April 22nd in Regina at the Club.
7. You've recently gone under some member changes and position changes, how did this come about and how is it working out?
Darius Simonot: Well, coming back from our tour last August, it seemed like our guitar player Kris just wasn't as in to it as the rest of us, we didn't jam for some time, and when we sat down to record our debut album, it became clear during the recording process that maybe not all was well. It's a really hard thing to do to ask someone to leave the band, but we did so to try and ensure the growth of the band. Originally we thought about continuing as a four-piece, but we like to work with harmonies and melodies, and we eventually decided I would return to synth, like in the first days of the band. Once we started jamming with Adam on drums, Nick was around, and into it, and he's a hell of a guitar player, so it seemed the natural thing to do to ask him to join as well - so now we're a six piece. We actually just debuted the new lineup in Regina this past weekend, and so far, I can say at the least that I'm really excited for where things are going to go in the future!
Jake Lewis: it couldnt have worked better if we tried the new guys are doing fucking awesome.
8. Any plans of touring?
Darius Simonot: Most definately. Plans are in the works for a late August tour with another band - just can't tell you who just yet haha!
So make sure you check back here at Desecrate Promotions for more updates about both the new album and touring plans this summer. As previously stated, this band is a completely unique experience that fans of any type of music can appreciate, so make sure you check out Celestial Machine!
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