"As I drift through this frozen winter
I stand alone as I stare in wonder
I gaze upon a noble stranger
Within his eyes, he fears no danger"
                                             -"The Emperor of this Sorrowful Realm" from Nekrotroll
In late 2009 Regina blackened Doom metal band Nachtterror had parted ways with guitarist Saint Wikk after some internal issues were unable to be resolved. Around the same period of time longtime well established and known death metal act Symbiote from Prince Albert was coming to an end. These two bands had shared stages many times and connections between founding Desecrate Scripture members Erik Labossiere and Darius Simonot had been established during these years. Never ones to remain stoic, Darius and Erik began a new project, and out of the ashes of Nachtterror and Symbiote; Desecrate Scripture was born. Fusing raw and agressive black metal formula, and fast, eclectic drumming styles with grim and melodic guitar work, further fueled by the primal and intense vocal styles of Justin Ehman, Desecrate Scripture beckons forth powerful black metal sound to these frostbitten prairies.
1. How did Desecrate Scripture begin?
Erik Labossiere: During my time in Nachtterror I had begun doing some solo work under the name of "Desecrate Scripture." Tracks we actively play including "Wolves of Damnation," "Desolate God," and "Nekrotroll" were all written during this period. Shortly after I departed from Nachtterror I was approached by Darius (who had heard my solo recordings) about starting a project around what I had written. I have to admit leaving a band I was quite passionate into the arms of my own personal solo project becoming a tangeable band was a very humbling experience.
Micheal Guillet:  I was approached by fellow Symbiote drummer Darius Simonot and was asked if I was interested in playing some Black Metal. I then asked with who and was formally introduced to the Founder of Desecrate Scripture, Erik and we gelled quite well. Our first "jam" (haha) took part on my 19th birthday and there was already some heavy drinking going on at the time so we just hung out and shot the shit really, had a great time playin random black metal tunes and such. We decided to give Justin Ehman a shot at vocals. At first I was skeptical about the situation but then he proved himself deemful of being able to be our front man with his raw, crisp, and articulate style of vocals. it was then that the beginning lineup of Desecrate was formed. after several successful and pleasantly fun shows we finally decided to add a bassist to the line up, we tried several different randoms that never even got as far as to a jam with us until we confronted Autaric Axe handler Owen Larwood, he proved himself of being a reliable source of low end for our style of music.
2. How would you describe Desecrate Scriptures sound?
Erik Labossiere: I would say our music is a fusing of a very raw black metal core, with a very symphonic influence. Raw, and grim as shit, but with an empyrean aspect to the sound.
Justin Ehman: We are definetly best described as black metal grim and true, but there are many influences and other ways you could describe us. In many ways we have a death metal influence and a folk influence but they would just be add on to our main position of black metal.
Micheal Guillet: Some of its fast and tremelo-y like oldschool raw black metal, some of it has rare flares of prog in it. We really don't limit ourselves to a certain style, we just write and have fun with it.
3. What are your influences in writing for the band?
Erik Labosssiere: What's I really enjoy about our music is we all have very diverse musical backrounds. For myself, I'm heavily influenced by bands ranging from Carpathian Forest, to Emperor, to Virgin Black and Shining whereas; Mike is more Stoner/sludge influenced, Justin is more viking influenced, and Darius is all over the fucking place, haha.
Justin Ehman: As for my influence its actualy a split of two main things epic mythical warfare and anything that is influence me at the moment. Bands that inspire me and help me in the writing proces are defininalty Three Inches of Blood, Amon Amarth, Woods of Ypres, Sparky, Ninjaspy, Dimmu Borgir, etc.
Micheal Guillet: I am greatly influenced by Akercocke, Dark Fortress and Trypticon. it's not your typical "blasting through the wind" style of black metal (although there are plenty of blasts in it), it's got something else, it's got an atmosphere with the way they make the riffs resonate with each other. their clean passages in songs just sound genuinely evil (especially when you get into a trance by the riffs and then have your shnuts crushed by the following unholy riff) and i try to incorporate their style/flare into my own style at the same time without limiting myself to anything. to me if it sounds good and people like it, play it.
4. Desecrate Scripture is set to release a full length album, can you tell me a little bit about this? 
Erik Labossiere: Nekrotroll will be our debut full length release, and it will be very different from the Wolves of Damnation EP. Since writing that album we have learned to write as a unit and progressed drastically and the songs we will be recording for this album really reflect that. Your going to get a lot more "Curse You All Men" on this album then you will "Black Shining Leather."
Micheal Guillet: The Nekrotroll album which is due to be released sometime this year will have a diverse contrast in the styles between myself and Erik. the EP Wolves of Damnation was mainly my songs and if you were to take a listen to the tracks that will be on the full length you will most certainly hear a change in the style as me and Erik have different writing styles as far as riffs go. I'm excited to hear what people think about the album because it is by far some of the most awesome crushing riffs I've heard/played/wrote in conjunction with Mr. Labossiere. there is also some twists in the album in a couple of songs. The track Under Grey Skies is a song that was originally written by Darius, and the drums were actually written by me, it's interesting to see how stuff like this unfolds, i.e. the drummer writes guitar and the guitarist writes the drums.
5. Desecrate is preparing to go on tour, tell me about last year and how your feeling about this round?
Erik Labossiere: Last August was a fucking blast with Celestial Machine and I am stoked as hell to do it again. We've had some great response from the west about our return and I am very excited to be doing it again. You can guarantee there will be a tour documentary, just like I put together for the "Van Full of Hate Tour" last year. (here's a link to that series - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGGVMIijEn8)
Justin Ehman: Well, last year was interesting we were paired with band that in my opinion did not suit our tour but in the end it turned out pretty good. we traveled all across the west of canada and will be doing so again but hitting new locations this time. this tour we are traveling with the band druidus a prince albert local band that is rocking a very strong death metal sound these boys may be young but they melt fucking faces. I personally think this tour will blow the last one out of the water without comparison in every way.
Micheal Guillet: Desecrate plans to go on tour yet again in april and yet again, I'm stuck doing motherfucking double sets, ugh haha. Last tour went without a hitch in my opinion, and yes we did take a bit of a gamble with having two different bands with two complete different sounds but hey, diversity is the way to go. Some people could argue with the way the two sub genres clashed but hey, segregating genres and people is a lame excuse to not attend a show and not to have fun. When it all boils down it's all metal.
As far as the next tour, i eagerly embrace the financial brokeness and anticipate making new friends and memories going westward once again.... p.s. fucksakes we're not going to calgary this year, reallllyy wanted to hit up Tubby Dog again. (haha.)
For more information about Desecrate Scripture or their upcoming tour (now entitled the "Blastbeats for Satan Tour" with Druidus from P.A.) check them out on facebook:
Heres a live video from last years West Coast "Van Full of Hate" tour: