"The pain is not withheld,
They exploit all your fear
It is now time to show...
Them that that their end is near 
...Blood Stained Collar"
                                          - Blood Stained Collar" by Agony Spawn
A lot of bands have intensity, a lot of bands have technicality, some bands even have that raw live presence that is impossible to ignore. To find all these traits in one band is rare, but as Saskatoon's Agony Spawn shows us with every preformance, a band like that can be found right at home. Desecrate Promotions sat down with guitarist Mike Gordon to learn more about his  project.
1. How did Agony Spawn start?
Around a year and a half ago I disbanded my previous band (Undecipherable) to start a new project, so I phoned up Darius Simonot because I heard he was interested in jamming with me. I brought up a bunch of songs from my archive and he learned them quickly, Brent Ziola was there at the time so we just got him to play bass. I was going to do vocals but was always interested in Bart Caldell's vocals, so I scooped him up instantly right after jamming with Darius. Originally Agony Spawn was set to be just a fun, quick-song old school death metal style band, and with one guitar, it quickly turned into more than just that. With almost all new members that are dedicated %100 to the band, we now spend a lot more time with the music.
2. How would you describe Agony Spawn's sound?
We strive to make our own original sound, adding in our own individual ideas and influences. Agony Spawn ended up having a really groovy feel to it, but remains true to being an old-school death metal style in the way the songs are created. When I write the guitar riffs, I try to be as least technical as I can (which is hard at times) and try to be more melodic, with plenty of harmonies. I purposely make songs that have three to five riffs, then repeat with a solo or two slapped in there. But I always try to mix it up between each song, what I hate the most is hearing songs that sound the same, I'll instantly scratch a riff if it sounds too close or similar to another.
3. What are some of the influences of the band?
Guitar influences include Death, Carcass, Suffocation and Slayer. Vocals are an un-clean Pantera influence, that sounds like early Dark Funeral. Bass is mostly Kataklysm influenced and drums are highly Lamb of God influenced.
4. Do you have any albums available, or are you currently working on any recordings?
Yes. I recorded a raw demo of our EP called 'Metal Vitality' that actually got an amazing review done (metalbite.com) which was surprising, considering it sounded like shit. We will be going into the studio in the next month or two to re-record that EP. But we also have enough songs for a full-length album, so we will be working on that after the re-recorded EP is released.

5. Any Touring planned?
We would love to tour, unfortunately we do not have the resources yet to do so.

6. Anything else people should know about Agony Spawn?
We try to have as much energy and fun as possible on or off the stage. We've also got a lot of new songs on the way, and plenty in the archive. I probably have about three full-length albums in my head right now, so there won't be ANY slowing down in progress any time soon with Agony Spawn, especially considering how dedicated each of us are. Also, if you're interested, search Agony Spawn in YouTube and you'll find some random videos of us.
Make sure to watch for Agony Spawn's brand new EP, which will be released very soon, and check them out this month and most months playing in Saskatoon and area.