Founded in 2011, Desecrate Promotions is a group created and dedicated to promoting the Central Canadian Metal Scene. By filming interviews, live video, and music oriented programming it is our goal to expand the reach and notoriety of prairie based music and showcase the vast talent within the independent music scene.

Desecrate Promotions:
Born and raised,
Prairie Metal Proud.

-Erik Labossiere 

The End of an Era

As of March 2018, Desecrate Promotions officially is shutting down.
We, past members and current of DesPro, would like to thank everyone who supported us, booked through us, or supported independent music. A message from founder Erik Labossiere:

"Desecrate Promotions was founded in 2011 with the simple purpose of getting eyes and ears on the local scene in Saskatchewan, Western Canada, and across independent scenes abroad. My goal was to help foster a new generation of musicians who could have the chance to utilize social media, the network I had become a part of across Canada, and my interest in filming and promotion, to find a new way to success in this new era of music. In an era of viral videos and waning interests in new acts by major labels, it seemed as though the old "play good and an agent will sign you" adage was no longer applicable. Being the "Times New Roman font" small name on the bottom of the poster for the big touring act wasn't going to cut it. I'd seen enough shows where band members outnumbered tickets sales, and I wanted to help change that.
Through Desecrate Promotions I gained a wealth of knowledge, experience, and friendship. I am extremely thankful for all the bands, promoters and fans I've gotten to share this vision with and I hope to see all of those people in the next ventures.
I am so proud of our scenes in Western Canada. Seeing festivals like Farmaggeddon, Loud as Hell, CMF, Shredmonton, BML and even my own Obsidian Solstice Fest/Devoid of Light ventures have such overwhelming support has been a thing of beauty. We have so many talented and passionate promoters and artists and they work incredibly hard to give our artists opportunities to grow from. We don't need to be Toronto's populous or the touring convenience of being a US band. We just need the passion to push, and the intelligence to pay attention to the trends.
"There's no money in metal, only glory" was once spoken by Gilshammer of Psychotic Gardening in interview with us, and I think that defined a long history of prairie metal. That mentality shaped the art and passion that created the amazing music I've gotten to grow up with and create alongside. We don't create for success. We create from a pure place, whether that be to send a message or just have a good time, we love music and we love community to share it with.
It has been a privilege capturing, and supporting our local scenes for the last 7 years.
It has been an honor to know in some small way, I've/we've helped artists grow.

Forever and always,
Prairie. Metal. Proud.